Full Reality Perception

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3D Semantic



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Bringing Full Situation
Awareness to Smart

3D Perception, advanced Semantics and Localization, hundreds of meters away. In real time. In a single device.

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Detecting Road hazards

Detecting Black Ice, Snow and Debris, hundreds of meters away.

A novel multi-spectral broadband Laser imager enables Material Identification.

Minimize False Positives

Blending in a single 3D stream of data different spectral domains such as Laser SWIR and visible light.

We deliver the most comprehensive perception of the environment

Unveiling the invisible

From Automotive to Drones and Smart Cities, our 3D Semantic Camera delivers application-specific actionable information.




High-Energy Solid-State Laser

More time to react and more robust predictions. 

A High-Energy Solid-State Laser enables Long-Range detection

Fused Sensing

Different spectral domains provide specific information and allow an unprecedented level of environmental perception.

We blend multi-physics data into a single 3D stream

Embedded semantics

Out-of-the-box actionable data: Localization, Classification and Object Detection and Tracking.

Our SLAM on Chip© Technology provides embedded semantics.

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