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Spatial Intelligence Platform

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Long-range real-time 3D sensors

We deploy our unique sensors for real-time full 3D data acquisition

True real-time 3D enables dynamic object-centric & spatial queries. Track everything, everywhere, always and just ask.


Monitoring as a Service

We use our sensors and fusion software to deliver actionable knowledge

Data are available from a web browser with a simple UX for agents as well as through an API.


Respect for Privacy

Sensitive data never leave the sensor

Deploy in highly regulated area.

Measuring the physical activity of large areas in real-time

Object Detection, Tracking & Classification

Size, Trajectory and Full Velocity of people and assets, either moving, movable or static.

Our multi-physics shadowless perception output enables a robust detection rate and minimizes false positives.

People flow measurement

Optimization of resources, customer experience and revenue.

Queue length, footfall, interactions and waiting times in real-time.

Actionable KPIs

Consolidated Dashboard for informed decision-making.

Cloud-native real-time and historical 3D data are accessible to all stake-holders through an intuitive interface.

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