Smart Cities

3D Semantic Cameras
for Smarter cities

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Complete Awareness from multiple devices




Shadowless Full reality perception

A single 3D data-stream from multiple devices provides Color, Range, Material ID and Velocity for each 3D point.

The output of each Camera is seamlessly fused with each others to create a blended 3D multi-physics Image, in real-time.


Seamless setup and maintenance

There is no need for calibration or synchronization between devices, even when they're in motion. Our multi-spectral approach prevents cross-talk by design.


Respect for Privacy

Outsight’s patent-pending technology allows the fusion of an unlimited number of devices’ output on a server without sensitive data ever leaving the sensor. Edge computing meets Cloud Semantics.

Measuring the physical activity of large areas in real-time

Object Detection, Tracking & Classification

Size, Trajectory and Full Velocity of people and assets, either moving, movable or static.

Our multi-physics shadowless perception output enables a robust detection rate and minimizes false positives.

People flow measurement

Optimization of resources, customer experience and revenue.

Queue length, footfall, interactions and waiting times in real-time.

Actionable KPIs

Consolidated Dashboard for informed decision-making.

Cloud-native real-time and historical 3D data are accessible to all stake-holders through an intuitive interface.

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