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The first 3D Semantic
Camera for vehicles

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Full Situation Awareness in a single device




3D Localization & Mapping

Absolute position within a map, Relative Ego-Motion and Free space.

Real-time 3D SLAM on Chip® embedded on an automotive-grade SoC.


Full reality perception

Color, Range and Full Velocity for each 3D point, together with Material ID (Skin, Plastic, Metal...)

The Fused Sensing approach delivers a Multi-spectral data stream in a single 3D Image.


Object Detection & Tracking

Bounding Box, Trajectory and Full Velocity of surrounding objects, either moving, movable or static.

Our multi-physics perception output enables a robust detection rate and minimizes false positives.

Pushing the boundaries of ADAS

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Comprehensive driving awareness

Drivable road detection, Road markings & Lanes, Traffic signs & Vegetation.

Seamless road surface calibration thanks to a dense 3D Image and automatic ground detection.

Detecting Road hazards

Detecting Black Ice, Snow and Debris, hundreds of meters away.

A novel multi-spectral broadband laser imager enables Material Identification.

Seamless integration

Single device solution.

We provide a comprehensive set of features that would otherwise require several devices to be installed, powered and wired separately.

Bringing Active Safety to Commercial & Off-road vehicles

Productive Safety

3D shield for pedestrians and other object detection.

Our 6 degrees of Freedom live 3D mapping reduces false positives and ensures seamless operation even in rough terrain.

GPS-denied localization

Real-time Position and orientation without requiring GPS, beacons or other infrastructure.

A specific version of our Slam on Chip deals with challenging environments, including under tree canopy and underground situations.

Raw Material Identification

Equipment working in mines and at construction sites can take advantage of material detection for a much more efficient workflow.

Multi-spectral 3D Image in the SWIR band allows the identification of material in real-time.

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